The 8 Best Cat Grooming Combs

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Pampering cats with high-quality grooming combs can be a challenge. But with the right resources, you can ensure your cats are always looking their best.

From wooden handle combs to aluminum long-handle combs, to specialty combs like the Utsumi U UCombination Comb or Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs, you’re sure to find the perfect comb for your pet.

Let us explore the wide variety of options available, and help you select the right comb to keep your pet looking their finest.

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Key Takeaways

  • RakesSuperior offers a set of 3 great rakes at a discounted price.
  • Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs are designed specifically for Asian Fusion Pet Styling.
  • Utsumi U UCombination Comb comes in silver and gold and is an all-new product.
  • Resco Combs are made in the USA and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life.

Rakes Superior

I’m loving the Rakes Superior set of 3 combs. They’re the best value and perfect for grooming my pets. They come in sizes 711, 712, and 714, and feature unsurpassed craftsmanship.

Each comb has 1 1/2 smooth rounded teeth and 800 Mattaway-All medium pins. The Best Value set of 3 includes one of each, so I can choose the best one for my pet. They’re great for removing tangles and making sure their coat looks smooth and healthy.

Plus, they’re lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfort and control. I’m definitely happy I found this set of combs. They’re perfect for my needs and make it easy to keep my pet looking their best.

Wooden Handle Combs

Wooden Handle cat Comb

Wooden Handle Combs offers unmatched craftsmanship and a smooth rounded tooth for an effortless grooming experience. They come in a variety of styles, including Comfort Combs, Mattaway-All Medium Pins, Com-Bo 50/50 Fine Coarse, and more. The handles are ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip and the pins are made from high-quality materials. Plus, they are designed for maximum durability. With these combs, you can easily tame tangles and achieve the style you want.

Comfort Combs Mattaway-All Medium Pins Com-Bo 50/50 Fine Coarse
800 801 801
Unsurpassed craftsmanship 1 1/2 Smooth Rounded Teeth 50/50 Fine Coarse

Aaronco Wood Top Honeycombs

Aaronco Wood Top Honeycombs

AARONCO Wood Top HoneyCombs are perfect for precision pet styling. They have a lightweight yet strong design, press-fitted steel pins, and brass shanks. These combs provide great value and are the perfect choice for groomers and pet owners alike.

They are ergonomically designed for comfort and boast a beautiful finish that won’t snag the pet’s coat. The 800 and 801 models have 1 1/2 inch smooth rounded teeth for gentle brushing, while the 802 model features a unique wood top design.

All three combs come in a set for maximum savings. Get the best quality and performance at an affordable price with AARONCO Wood Top HoneyCombs.

Aluminum Long Handle Honeycombs

Aluminum Long Handle Honeycombs

With their lightweight aluminum handles and long reach, these long-handle honeycombs are perfect for precision pet styling. Groomers can easily reach those hard-to-get spots for a perfect finish.

The combs feature hard-wearing steel pins press-fitted into a brass shank, nickel-plated and riveted to the handle. The tips are beautifully polished and rounded, making them gentle on the skin.

Available in 823, 824, 825, and 826, the set of four is great value at just $88.92.

Enjoy the convenience and precision of these long-handle honeycombs!

Utsumi U UCombination Comb

Utsumi U UCombination Comb

I’m loving the new Utsumi U UCombination Comb with its two stylish colors of gold and silver. It’s stainless steel, and the 1.34 inch comb has 75% medium teeth and 25% very fine teeth. Plus, the pink line grabs hair and makes it stand even more! All this at the Groomers Mall Low Price of $180.00 each.

It’s perfect for faces, and the long handle makes it comfortable to use. Plus, the tapered pins make it easier to penetrate the coat without snagging. Best of all, it’s made with hardened steel pins, brass shank, and nickel-plating for long-lasting durability.

For those looking for a multi-purpose comb, try the Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs. They come in Half Moon, Fine Finishing 7.5, and Fine Finishing 9. All three are now in stock, and they feature a cutting edge design for Asian Fusion Pet Styling.

For a great combination of style and comfort, you can’t beat the Utsumi U UCombination Comb. Plus, it’s guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life!

Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs

Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs

Try the Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs for a cutting edge style for your pet. These combs feature half-moon shapes, fine finishing 7.5, and 9-inch combs. They are designed to be gentle on the skin and provide a perfect finish. The combs are made from the highest quality materials, so you can trust them to last. Plus, they have a unique design that will keep your pet looking stylish.

Comb Price Description
Half Moon $100.00 Half moon shape
Fine Finishing 7.5 $80.00 For fine finishing
Fine Finishing 9 $110.00 For fine finishing

Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs give your pet a unique look. With the combination of the highest quality materials and cutting-edge design, you can trust that your pet will look great. Feel free to experiment with different styles to create a unique look for your pet.

Utsumi U U 9 Quarter Comb

Transitioning from the Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs, I’d now like to discuss the Utsumi U U 9 Quarter Comb.

This comb is made of stainless steel with 1.34 inch (34mm) 75% medium teeth and 25% very fine teeth. The pink line helps grab the hair and make it stand even more for a perfect finish.

It’s perfect for facial grooming and a longtime favorite of professional groomers, as it offers a combination of great quality and value.

With its durable construction and comfortable handle, you can be sure that this comb will last for a long time. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality grooming comb for their dog or cat.

Utsumi Comb With Pink Line

The Utsumi Comb with the Pink Line is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a low-priced, long-lasting, and effective pet styling tool. Featuring stainless steel, a 5-inch size, and a pink line to grab hair, this comb is perfect for finalizing pet styles.

Here are some of its great features:

  • Steel construction
  • 5-inch size
  • Pink line grabs hair
  • Use only for finishing

For an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable comb, the Utsumi Comb with the Pink Line is an excellent choice.

Enjoy the freedom of styling your pet with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Material Is the Handle of Aaronco Wood Top Honeycombs Made Of?

The handle of Aaronco Wood Top Honeycombs is made of wood. It’s designed to be ergonomic and comfortable, and crafted with unsurpassed craftsmanship. It’s lightweight yet strong, and provides a secure grip.

How Much Does the Utsumi U U 9 Quarter Comb Weigh?

The Utsumi U U 9 Quarter Comb weighs just 1.34 inches (34mm). Its stainless steel construction is lightweight yet strong, perfect for finishing and faces. Its 75% medium teeth and 25% very fine teeth make it a perfect choice for freedom-minded pet owners.

Are the Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs Suitable for Grooming Long-Haired Pets?

Yes, the Utsumi Asian Fusion Combs are great for long-haired pets. They have a unique cutting-edge design that makes grooming easier, and they’re made with a perfect balance of fine and coarse pins. Perfect for faces and finishing, these combs are sure to make grooming easier.

Is the Resco Pro Series Comb Suitable for Flea Removal?

Yes, the Resco Pro Series Comb is like a magic wand for flea removal. Its tapered pins penetrate fur easily and remove fleas quickly and gently, giving your pet freedom from itching and scratching.