Top 10 Cat Brushes of 2023

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Types of Cat Brushes

In order to pick the right brush for your cat, you must first know the different types of brushes available. Here’s a quick summary:

Slicker Brushes

  1. Slicker brushes are made up of fine, short wires close together on a flat surface.
  2. Ideal for cats with medium to long hair that is prone to matting or tangling

Bristle Brushes

  1. Bristle brushes are made up of natural or synthetic bristles on a flat surface.
  2. Ideal for cats with short to medium-length hair that sheds regularly.
  3. Bristle brushes are great for removing loose hair. They also help add a shine to cats’ coats.

Rubber Brushes

  1. Rubber brushes are made up of soft, flexible bristles on a rubber surface.
  2. Ideal for cats with short hair and sensitive skin.
  3. Rubber brushes are awesome for massaging your cat while removing dirt and debris.

Comb Brushes

  1. Comb brushes are made up of long, metal teeth on a flat or curved surface.
  2. Ideal for cats with medium to long hair that is prone to matting or tangling.
  3. Comb brushes help gently detangle and remove mats from your cat’s coat.

De-Shedding Tools

  1. De-shedding tools are made up of a stainless steel blade or teeth that remove loose hair from undercoat without damaging topcoat.
  2. Ideal for cats with thick or double coats that shed heavily.
  3. Cat de-shedding gloves also fall under this category.

Best Cat Brush (All-Purpose)

This will vary from cat to cat. However, the best cat brush is generally a slicker brush as it helps remove loose fur, detangle matted fur, and distribute natural oils throughout the coat. Slickers brushes typically have fine, short wires close together on a flat surface and work well on a variety of coat types, including long-haired and double-coated breeds.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush


  • Features fine, bent wires that are gentle on your cat’s skin
  • Designed with a self-cleaning mechanism, which allows you to retract the bristles for easy cleaning and removal of fur
  • Works on short, medium, and long-haired cats
  • Easy to use.


  • Some users have noted that the brush may not work as effectively on extremely thick or heavy coats
  • Some users reported that it doesn’t work on cats with very sensitive skin (consult your vet)
  • Slightly more expensive than other brushes
  • The self-cleaning mechanism may not be as effective at removing all fur and debris from the brush as cleaning it manually with a comb or wire brush. But this is expected with any brush honestly

Price: $16-$19

Dimensions: 5.8 x 3 x 10-inches

Weight: 91 grams

Material: Plastic

Best Cat Brush for Shedding

Deshedding a cat's coat

The Furminator is the most popular and effective shedding brush. It is a de-shedding tool designed to remove loose fur from cats and it’s often used by professional pet groomers.


  • Works great for removing loose fur. As a result, you may notice a reduction in shedding and hairballs
  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different cat breeds and coat types
  • Stainless steel edge is designed to remove loose fur without damaging the topcoat or cutting the fur
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle makes it easy and comfortable to use
  • Recommended by many veterinarians and pet groomers


  • Can be expensive compared to some other cat brushes
  • May not be ideal for cats with very sensitive skin, as the stainless steel edge can be sharp and abrasive
  • Can be too effective at times, potentially leading to over-grooming and skin irritation
  • Some cats may not enjoy being brushed with the Furminator, so it may take some time and patience to get them used to it

Price: Ranges from $20 to $50 (depending on the size and style)

Dimensions: 1.75 x 4 x 6.75 inches

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Material: Stainless Steel (teeth) and non-slip rubber (handle)

Best Brush for Medium Hair Cat

A brush designed for medium-haired cats typically has bristles or teeth that are spaced to be able to penetrate the coat and remove loose fur, without damaging the hair or causing discomfort to cats

Furminator Undercoat deShedding Tool Medium/Large Cat Long Hair

Best Brush for Medium Hair Cat


  • Removes loose fur and reduces shedding
  • Designed with a stainless steel deShedding edge to reach deep beneath the topcoat
  • Comes with a FURjector button (cool name!) that easily releases collected hair
  • Easy to grip
  • Gentle on cats’ skin


  • May not work well for cats with curly hair
  • Can become clogged with hair

Price: $25 to $40

Dimensions: 2.75 x 4.25 x 6.75 inches

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Material: Stainless steel deShedding edge and an ergonomic rubber handle

I used the Furminator to brush my medium-haired cat and it’s one of the best brushes I’ve ever used. That’s why at Pets Leaf, we recommend getting yourself a paid.

Best Cat Brush for Short Hair

KONG – Cat Zoom Groom Brush

best short-haired cat brush

The Kong ZoomGroom cat brush is a highly-rated option for short-haired cats.


  • Gentle and flexible rubber bristles
  • Easy-to-grip and use with a soft, non-slip handle
  • Massages and stimulates skin for improved circulation and healthy coat growth
  • Affordable


  • Not very effective for long-haired cats or cats with dense undercoats
  • Rubber bristles may not be as durable as other brushes
  • Some cats may not enjoy the sensation of the rubber bristles and may not cooperate during grooming sessions

Price: $5-$10

Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.8 x 1.8 inches (11.4 x 7.1 x 4.6 cm)

Weight: 0.16 ounces (4.5 grams)

Material: Soft, flexible rubber bristles

Best Cat Brush for Long-Haired Cats

JW Pet Company Gripsoft Double Row Undercoat Rake

best brush for long-haired cats

This brush works for both cats and dogs.


  • Features 2 rows of stainless steel teeth that can effectively remove loose undercoat hair and prevent matting in long-haired cats
  • Comfortable, non-slip handle allows for easy use and precision grooming
  • Ideal for long-haired cats with thick undercoats


  • May not be as effective for removing tangles or mats on the topcoat
  • Teeth may be too sharp for some cats

Price: $8-$10

Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Material: Stainless steel teeth, rubber handle

Best Self-Grooming Cat Brush

If you don’t know what a self-grooming cat brush is, it is a type of brush that allows a cat to groom itself by rubbing against the bristles or nubs of the brush.

Self-grooming brushes are typically mounted on a wall or corner, and are designed to be easily accessible for a cat to use whenever they want to scratch or groom themselves. Self-grooming cat brushes can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and are often made from durable plastic or rubber that can withstand frequent use.

Some models may also include catnip or other attractants to encourage cats to use the brush more often. These brushes are often used to help reduce shedding and matting in cats, while also providing a form of environmental enrichment and stress relief for indoor cats.

Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer

best Self Grooming Cat Brush


  • The Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer is easy-to-install and can be attached to any flat surface
  • Has durable bristles that are gentle on fur and skin
  • Helps remove loose fur and reduce shedding
  • The brush includes a compartment for catnip, which can help encourage cats to use the brush more frequently
  • Easily-removable for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not super effective for heavier grooming needs or for cats with thicker coats
  • Some cats may not be interested in using the brush, even with the added incentive of catnip

Price: $6 to $10

Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.2 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Material: The brush is made from durable plastic bristles, while the mounting plate is made from sturdy plastic with an adhesive backing for easy installation.

My cats absolutely love self-grooming brushes. For whatever reason, they like to rub themselves against the wall. So, instead of the wall, I got them a self-grooming brush and they’ve been obsessed with it.

Our Rating: 5/5

Best Cat Brush for Matted Hair

A matted hair brush is designed to effectively remove mats, tangles, and knots from your cat’s fur. These brushes typically have sharp blades or teeth that can easily cut through the hair, without harming your cat’s skin. Also, check out our guide on how to groom a cat with matted hair.

GoPets Dematting Comb

Best Cat Brush for Matted Hair

This brush is just awesome and it is SUPER effective for dematting cats’ hair.


  • Two-sided design with 12 teeth on one side and 23 teeth on the other for different levels of matting
  • Rounded teeth for gentle and effective dematting
  • Non-slip handle
  • Suitable for cats with all hair types


  • Some people report that the teeth are too sharp or uncomfortable to use
  • May not be suitable for cats with severe matting

Price: $35

Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Material: Stainless steel teeth, non-slip silicone handle

Best Cat Brush for Dandruff

Just like humans, some cats suffer from dandruff. Leaving dandruff without addressing the root cause can be problematic. So, consult your vet if you notice that your cat’s fur has become filled with dandruff suddenly.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Brush

Best Cat Brush for Dandruff


  • The brush features both bristles and stainless steel pins, making it versatile for a variety of coat types
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Very affordable (~$7)


  • May not work well on cats with curly hair
  • Cheaply made (according to some users)

Price: $6-$7

Dimensions: 3.25 x 2.62 x 12.25 inches

Weight: 4.8 Ounces

Material: Metal handle and plastic teeth

Best Cat Slicker Brush

A cat slicker brush is a is designed to remove loose hair and mats from a cat’s coat. It typically has fine, short wires close together, which can penetrate deep into the cat’s fur to remove tangles and dirt. Slicker brushes are usually rectangular or oval-shaped and have a flat surface.

Mars Coat King Boar Bristle Cat Hair Brush

Soft-Bristled Brush for cats


  • Soft bristles (cat-approved)
  • Helps reduce dandruff
  • Comfortable to grip (wooden grip)
  • Affordable


  • May not work well on long-haired cats

Price: $12-$13

Dimensions: 7.25 x 1.25 x 2 inches

Weight: 0.32 ounces

Material: Wood

Best Brush for Cats that Hate to Be Brushed

The best brush for cats that hate to be brushed is either soft bristle brush or a wide tooth comb. Those two options are great for getting your cat used to being brushed. Don’t force it!

What Kind of Brush is Best for My Cat?

The best kind of brush for your cat is the one that your cat enjoy! This may sound silly but pay attention to how your cat reacts when being brushed with different brushes/combs and you’ll get your answer. At the end of the day, cats have different personalities, hair length, and grooming habits.